How to choose a small dehydrator for your home?

Best food dehydrator 2021.

A dehydrator is a simple and handy device that will help to make your food more healthy and diverse. Days of figuring out how to make a food dehydrator are gone. Quality electric dehydrator for fruits and vegetables will ensure even drying of your favorite products, preserving the full supply of vitamins and significantly increasing the shelf life. There are many models of fruit and vegetable dryers available on the market now, so it can be quite difficult to decide on your choice. We’ll break down the most popular units available for purchase and tell you what to look out for and how to choose the perfect little dehydrator that’s right for you. I have tested around a dozen of dehydrators and can say, that even the most simple and cheap one can change your cooking experience forever.

As with any appliance, there is a huge number of these nowadays. You may have heard of Cosori, Ivation, Hamilton, Magic Mill food dehydrator, but today I will only tell you about three models of small dehydrators that I think are the most worthy:

  • COSORI food dehydrator machine. If you’ve never used a food dehydrator, this unit will make it easy for you. There is an auto shut-off feature and precise digital temperature control. Stackable plastic trays allow you to prepare multiple servings of your favorite dried snacks.
  • NESCO FD-75A Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator. This dehydrator offers many different recipes and things you can do with it. It does a great job drying fruit, beef, dried fish, turkey, and so on. It also comes with two types of sheets (solid and mesh) that offer a lot of versatility.
  • Ronco 5-tray dehydrator. Some customers appreciated Ronco’s efforts to come up with such a beautiful, cheap, and breathable food dehydrator. Most of them admired the machine’s great functionality, giving it 5 stars.

These are some of the most popular and affordable home dehydrators out there.

What to look for when choosing and buying a dehydrator?

Dehydrators have features, which determine how does a food dehydrator work. Sometimes it’s very easy to get confused about them. Here is a list of the most important ones that you should definitely pay attention to:

  • Dehydrators for fruits and vegetables come in horizontal and vertical airflow. There is an opinion that the horizontal airflow allows you to cook your food more evenly;
  • Number of tray trays. Each dehydrator consists of tray trays which are placed vertically, on top of each other, and horizontally, like trays in a conventional oven, and are divided into vertical and horizontal dryers respectively.
  • Horizontal dehydrators have the ability to cook dough products, allow you to cure meat and fish, cooking dairy products such as yogurt. This is due to the fact that several tray trays are removed and there is additional space for large containers of dough and dairy products;
  • It is necessary to know that many manufacturers in their models of vertical dehydrators put a heating element (thermostat) at the bottom. This means that you can not put fruits and vegetables on the tray, which stands directly on the dryer. There is always a chance that a piece of food or liquid will fall or spill into the hole with the fan. All food intended for drying should be placed on the tray on any other surface, and only then put in the dryer;
  • In horizontal dehydrators, you need to consider the possibility of adjusting the temperature setting, as well as the number of trays you need. You need to think and decide for what products you will be using the dryer, what you will be stocking, as the presence or absence of an adjustable thermostat can be one of the deciding factors when buying a dehydrator dryer.

Don’t forget that there is a different recommended drying temperature for different food products.

TOP-3 dehydrators to buy right now.

We already got a quick look at these models, and not it is time to learn more about them.

1. COSORI Food Dehydrator Machine.

Here’s an affordable and compact model that’s a great choice if you’re just starting to dehydrate your own food or don’t need a ton of food capacity. This dehydrator from Cosori is a round model and comes with 5 BPA-free food trays as well as a mesh screen and fruit roll sheet.

If you need the perfect jerky recipe and want even more space, you can purchase the 2-pack of extra racks separately. The food dehydrator can hold up to 7 racks at a time with the add-on.

Reviewers say this model is easy to use and quiet to operate. Noise levels are important to consider because dehydrators run for hours to days. The time and temperature on this dehydrator is set using digital controls. The timer can be set for up to 48 hours and the temperature range is 95-165 degrees Fahrenheit.

I think it is a pretty good small dehydrator to buy, it is perfect if you never used or even heard of such a device before.

VIDEO COSORI Food Dehydrator Machine.

2. NESCO FD-75A, Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator.

Nesco has a patented system called the Converge-a-Flow System, and it works on a simple but effective principle. Air moves quickly downward along the inner walls, while it also flows inward through each individual tray.

What is unusual about this product is the position of the fan. It is located on the top side of the unit, not on the bottom. The most useful thing about this is the efficiency. Simply put, you will dehydrate your food much faster in this particular unit than any other unit with a fan located at the bottom of the case.

To have an exceptional thermostat, you need a lot of power. Well, that’s not a problem for the Nesco food dehydrator, because 600 watts of power is more than enough to offer high-quality service. However, it doesn’t consume the full 600 watts all the time but instead consumes power as required thanks to a sensitive and accurate thermostat. Not only does it provide an accurate temperature, but it also saves energy.

VIDEO Nesco Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator Review.

3. Ronco 5-Tray Dehydrator.

If you want to dehydrate semi-liquid products such as purees, the Ronco food dehydrator optimizes it perfectly. This product also comes with a manual to guide you through each step of the dehydration process. This manual also gives you information on the ideal temperature needed for your particular food product.

You can dry different types of food products on different trays of the Ronco FD1005WHGEN 5-Tray Electric Food Dehydrator. It provides even heat distribution throughout the contents of the trays. You can use each individual tray to prepare a different type of food that your family and friends will love.

I can safely call it the best food dehydrator 2021. If you buy this model, you will be very happy, I can promise you that.

Differences between models.

As with any other technique, it is worth deciding what the dehydrator will be used for. One model is better suited for drying meat, while another is good for creating dried fruit. You can also choose a universal version, which will be suitable for most types of products. But, you should not forget about the price issue. So, some firms overcharge because of the design or brand, although the devices themselves leave much to be desired. But there are no such models in this article, fortunately.

And finally, we should not forget about convenience – on the market, there are still devices that are cheap, but their design is hopelessly outdated, and the comfort of use can not even be mentioned if compared to modern models.

There are a couple more tips on how to choose a good, high-quality dryer. It should be powerful enough and with a large fan so that the flow of warm air is as wide as possible. Ideally, the dryer should have an opaque body and a shaded door to keep out sunlight. Not too flashy design, as it and a well-known brand increase the cost of the device many times. And finally, it is worth remembering about the power consumption, which also matters. On average, in conventional dryers with 5-6 trays, the power consumption is 600 watts. If it is less or more, it is worth thinking about.


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