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If you’re thinking about some cheap bling and plastic toys that will break after a week, stop right there. We believe that accessories should make sense. They should be durable and useful and make the time you spend in your car enjoyable. Most of all, they should get you thinking “how did I ever manage without them?”.

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Hey, we all love driving – that’s why we’re in this business. We like it a lot. But if you’re like an average American and spend over 10 hours a week commuting to work, then there’s probably a lot you can do in order to make this time more enjoyable. We reviewed some amazing products for you, and we’re always amazed at the variety of stuff available for the average driver.


These types of accessories aren’t only for self-care. They make great gifts too, depending on what kind of driver the gift receiver is. If you think about it, everyone has their very own driving style. Some keep their cars in pristine condition, and some try to contain half of their belongings from falling out when they open the car door. Some people can handle white upholstery (we respect them but we don’t quite understand them) – and some are tough mudders, who own several dogs and live out in the country. The truth is, we have reviewed something for everyone.

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We know that some people like to keep to the speed limit while some like to push their luck. Some are sporty, some are more the sit-down type. There are interior and exterior accessories to fit all of those personality types, and we have gone through them all, giving you our objective view. So if you’re hunting for an exciting accessory to make your commute more bearable or if you’re looking for a gift for that special driver in your life, read our car accessory reviews and see what the verdict is!

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